Monday, November 16, 2009

What do parents expect?

Before Nov 23, Please read the article "Parents: Focus more on 21st-century skills Schools must do more to prepare students for information-age careers, say respondents to a national ed-tech survey"   at

In your blog comment address the following questions.
Were you surprised with the survey and article?
What is one way you can learn what your students' parents are expecting?
Of course you can add anything else you wish and you are encouraged to read and comment on your colleagues' comments.

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  1. It surprises me that parents are largely dissatisfied with the technology skills their children are learning in schools. I believe we have come light years in what is taught with Technology. We all know that more can be taught, but I think we are doing a lot right now. I think the biggest inhibitor to teaching technology in the classroom is largely budget based. Technology is one of the most expensive things to incorporate into a classroom, so one of the toughest to incorporate for some districts.

    It doesn’t surprise me that parents feel teachers need more extensive training in technology. I agree with this statement, Technology changes and updates on a consistent basis, whereas teachers are not updated on these changes consistently.

    How do we keep teachers up to date on the new trends? Teachers can’t take a technology course every year. What other options do we have?


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